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TURGOK ( Library of Turkey for the Visually  Disabled)

          TURGOK (Library of Turkey for the Visually Disabled) was  established  on  October 24, 2003, under the name of “ Association of Building and Sustaining of Library for Izmir Blinds” (IZGOKDER)
Then, the Ministery of Interior investigated our association and granted us the right of using the word  TURKEY in the name of our organization, hence; we became the first and unique private library in Turkey for the blinds and our activities are carried on all around Turkey and in some overseas countries.
TURGOK is one of the non-profit organizations in Turkey, offering not only library services for the people with sight problems, but also producing Braille books and voiced CD books, for the students to support their education, organizing trainings to help people find a job and producing periodic talking and Braille magazines to enable them to learn new topics. TURGOK is dealing with the  production and  distribution of books, monthly magazines(free of charge) all around Turkey and  also in U.K., Netherlands, Cyprus, USA and  Germany to  approximately  3700 blind people.
          According to WHO statistics, about 400,000 people in Turkey either Blind or have severe visual impairment. Since they don’t have  equal  oppurtunities to have proper education, 36%  of them are illiterate and only 2.5% of the Blinds in Turkey have access to an adequate education.
As an organization we are trying to help them participate more actively to the social life by providing them all the books they need to complete their education and take the necessary exams in order to find suitable jobs.
          The organization is currently supporting people with sight problems and about 2000 of our members are students in different geographical locations and in different grades.The students need to have the standard lesson books (only very few of them are printed in Braille by the Ministery of Education), resource books to understand the subjects more clearly and books for preparation to exams ( since there are some critical exams to attend university or find a job). All the requested books are either scanned, edited and converted to Blind versions and printed  in Braille or prepared  in  audio  version in our  studios, checked and shipped to  the  adresses of the students. All these services are  provided without any charge  by using  donations  and  contributions of the  volunteers  and  the sponsors who  support  us  since the establishment of our Library.

Our Mission:

          To reach more people with sight problems within Turkey and abroad  and help them to achieve  their goals in education, in career life and social life by providing  Blind versions of the written documents.

Our Vision:

          To find more volunteers, sponsors and donations in order to be able to reach and help more blind people than we do now.
          To find more volunteers, sponsors and donations in order to be able to reach and help more blind people than we do now.